Summer Tires vs. All Season

Summer tires are beneficial if you have a vehicle that is driven primarily in the warmer and drier months during the year. Some people like to have two sets of tires. They use a summer set in the warmer months and switch to all-season tires in the cold weather. If you are debating between the two take a look at how you use your vehicle.

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One Way to Avoid Distractions While You Drive

Distracted driving continues to be a factor driving accident rates on our roads today. The ways drivers are distracted are numerous, but one that has become prevalent in the past decade is cell phone use.

Cell phones keep us connected to friends and family at all times, so it can be difficult to put them away when we drive. It's tempting, even when we do put them aside...

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What Will a Vehicle History Report Tell You?

Vehicle history reports provide a wealth of information about any vehicle that you are thinking about purchasing. It will tell you if it has been damaged in a flood or if it was used as part of a rental fleet as opposed to for personal use. It will also show how many owners it has had prior to arriving in a dealer's lot.

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Prepare Your Truck for Tailgating!

We at LCM Used Car Center are excited to provide you with tips to ready your truck for a tailgating party! Being prepared for tailgating is most of the work, so getting ready the day before is essential to a great game day.

Some of the best ways to get your truck ready for the game is to make sure that you have extra fluids, water, a cleaning station, a bucket for hot coals and jumper cables.

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Protect Yourself from the Heat with a Car Cover!

The summer months can create a lot of heat in a parked car, so we at LCM Used Car Center want to make sure you are protected in the hot weather. Not only is the sun damaging to the interior and exterior of your vehicle but it can create an extreme amount of heat in a car that can cause burns and even make you feel sick.

Many people who live in places where the summers have breaking temperatures complain about having to wait to drive until their car cools off. 

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Are Switching to Summer Tires Better Than All-Season Tires?

Today our technicians at LCM Used Car Center wanted to talk to you about the differences in having all-season and summer tires on your vehicle. As the warmer weather approaches, the summer tires are going to improve handling, braking, and cornering, in your vehicle.

The summer tires have less in the way of grooves compared to the amount on the all-season tires.

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What is a Differential and Should You Get It Serviced?

The differential is in between the transmission and driveshaft on the car, transferring the power from one to the other, by way of gears and oil. If the gears are not inspected, they could become less effective and impact your ability for a smooth ride.

The differential is working hard to make certain the drive shaft is getting power, and it can take a toll on the gears. 

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Why Your Tire Sensor Is Illuminated

If you have realized that your tire pressure sensor has become illuminated in your vehicle then it is time to look into what the problem is and fix it in a timely manner. You don't want to be driving your vehicle around on damaged tires because this can not only permanently affect your tires but it can affect the wheels themselves and other parts of your vehicle like the suspension and shocks.

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The Importance of Clean Car Cabin & Engine Air Filters

Air filters in the car work the same as those in your home, improving air quality by keeping out things like dirt and dust from the air. Here’s why clean air filters in the car are crucial.

Those cabin air filters make certain the air quality inside your vehicle is not compromised. Things like allergens and mold spores get stripped from the air and trapped in the filter to help improve the air quality during your ride.

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Smart Tips to Avoid Hydroplaning

When you drive, you are responsible for your vehicle and for those inside it. If the road's surface is covered in water, you have a responsibility to maintain control of your vehicle and avoid hydroplaning.

You can set your vehicle up well for bad situations by making sure that you have quality tires in place on it. The tires help you connect with the road, and the better that your tires are, the better that you will be able to drive in all conditions. 

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