The Subaru Forester is a popular mid-size SUV that is known for its advanced AWD system and being able to wherever you want to go. The Forester is the perfect SUV for going on offroad adventures in. Our team finds that it is comfortable driving around East Petersburg, PA, but they would rather be on trails in it.

The main component of the Forester's offroad performance is Subaru's symmetrical AWD system. This allows the Forester to change its driving dynamics based on the terrain or driving mode you have selected. Subaru also worked hard to make sure the interior of the Forester was a nice place to be on an offroading trek. You can get the seats in nice soft and easy to clean leather for the most comfortable and convenient interior experience.

Overall, the Subaru Forester is in a class of its own when it comes to offroading SUVs. Stop by LCM Used Car Center and we can show you all of the great features the Forester has to offer, along with getting you set up on a test ride for a first-hand experience.