Until your child is 4'9" tall, it is crucial that they be in some type of safety seat. To ensure this safety seat is effective, it's important to ensure that you know how to properly install the safety seat in your vehicle. To help make your family safer, we at LCM Used Car Center offer these tips for a safe car seat installation.

When anchoring the car seat, try to use the LATCH anchors if at all possible. These anchors are stronger than simply running a seat belt through the car seat. Your owner's manual will point out the locations of these anchors if you can't find them in East Petersburg, PA.

As you install the car seat, you'll want to be sure to read the instruction manual, even if you're the kind of person who never reads the instructions. Since all car seats vary somewhat, you want to be sure you're following the correct procedure to safely install your particular car seat.

If it's time to upgrade to a larger, safer vehicle, stop by our dealership today to see what we have available.