Controlling Pet Hair in Your Car

Keeping your car in the best shape possible will increase resale value and will also give you enjoyment as you drive it. Detailing the interior when you have a pet can sometimes seem overwhelming but there are a few good tricks that will help keep the job manageable.

Prevention is key; place a towel across the seat or invest in a seat cover designed for use by pets. These will keep pet hair from weaving itself into your car's upholstery over time and are easy to remove and clean. You can also keep your pet in a crate while you drive, which has the added benefit of keeping them safe. Brushing your pet thoroughly before entering the vehicle is also a good habit.

If you do have pet hair on seats, a quick way to remove it is to vacuum with a pet hair attachment and then use a blown-up balloon to create static which will attract hairs to its surface. You can also lightly spray your upholstery with water and rub gloved hands across the surface, picking up stray hairs.

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