At Lancaster County Motors Used Car Center, our team shares a goal to help East Petersburg, PA drivers keep their vehicles in good shape with useful automotive knowledge. Oversteer and understeer are two terms that happen due to your vehicle's dynamics, lateral acceleration, and changes in the steering angle.

If your vehicle is equipped with front-wheel drive, you're more likely to experience understeer. Understeer may occur when you turn your wheels too far and too fast, and it can also happen if you start to accelerate too early when you're going around a turn. Having more suspension applied and tire adjustments can help correct understeer.

Rear-wheel drive vehicles are more susceptible to oversteer. When this occurs, it may cause the car to fishtail or slide out, and it can be dangerous if it happens on challenging, slippery surfaces. The suspension may need to be adjusted to correct oversteer, and downforce may also need to be applied to drop the grip.

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