Ways to Stay Safe in a Roadside Emergency

Few things can ruin a trip quicker than having a roadside emergency. Breaking down doesn’t have to mean the end of the world if you’re adequately supplied with necessary supplies, and you exercise some safety measures. Stop at LCM Used Car Center and let us offer you some great tips on how to get through a roadside emergency as comfortably as possible.

Call for help and park on the side of the road away from traffic. Put out some emergency flares, but makes sure they’re far enough away from the vehicle. Lock the doors and wait for help. Stock your vehicle with supplies like batteries, water, blankets, flashlight, tool kit, first aid kit, jack and spare tire.

Don’t wait until you actually need the supplies to get the supplies. We have a great selection of roadside emergency kits and supplies at our East Petersburg, PA dealership. Pay us a visit today.

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