Debadge Your Car the Easy Way

Are you tired of looking at the badge on your car? Maybe you're planning to enter your vehicle in a car show, or you don't want anyone to know which trim package you have. No matter what the reason for removing the badge on a vehicle, it's a simple process you can do yourself.

A quick internet search of your vehicle's make and model can tell you if the automaker used clips. If clips were used, a professional body shop should be consulted.

If no clips were used, a thermos of hot water will loosen any adhesive so you can pull off the badge. Never use boiling water. If hot water doesn't work, an adhesive remover will loosen the glue.

A fishing line, dental floss, or plastic wedge is helpful in prying off the badge.

If you have any questions or you'd like to have your vehicle serviced by professionals visit LCM Used Car Center’s East Petersburg, PA service center.

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