Are Switching to Summer Tires Better Than All-Season Tires?

Today our technicians at LCM Used Car Center wanted to talk to you about the differences in having all-season and summer tires on your vehicle. As the warmer weather approaches, the summer tires are going to improve handling, braking, and cornering, in your vehicle.

The summer tires have less in the way of grooves compared to the amount on the all-season tires. Having fewer grooves means more of the tread comes in contact with the road to help improve handling. The other benefit of having the summer tires is the extra tread helps the car come to a stop faster.

The unique tread pattern in the summer tires makes them far more effective in the stormy weather of summer. The design of the treads actually pushes water away from the tires so the car is less likely to slide or hydroplane.

The time to switch to summer tires is now. Visit our service center here at LCM Used Car Center and our crew will make the change for you and get you back safely on the road quickly.

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