What is a Differential and Should You Get It Serviced?

The differential is in between the transmission and driveshaft on the car, transferring the power from one to the other, by way of gears and oil. If the gears are not inspected, they could become less effective and impact your ability for a smooth ride.

The differential is working hard to make certain the drive shaft is getting power, and it can take a toll on the gears. The best way to ensure a smooth ride is to have the highest quality gear oil in the housing. Over time, that oil breaks down and needs to be replaced.

Steering also takes its toll on the differential. That extra work could compromise the oil and leave the gears exposed to grind and break.

If you have not had the differential serviced in a while, bring the car down to our service center here at LCM Used Car Center so we can inspect the fluids and get eyes on those gears.

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