Protect Yourself from the Heat with a Car Cover!

The summer months can create a lot of heat in a parked car, so we at LCM Used Car Center want to make sure you are protected in the hot weather. Not only is the sun damaging to the interior and exterior of your vehicle but it can create an extreme amount of heat in a car that can cause burns and even make you feel sick.

Many people who live in places where the summers have breaking temperatures complain about having to wait to drive until their car cools off. With a covered car, it is more bearable to jump in and turn on the air conditioner.

You may also find yourself with burns if you have leather seats or by the steering wheel. Avoiding direct sunlight can lessen the severity of the heat on the interior of the car and protect your seats from fading and dash from cracking!

When you are in East Petersburg, PA, stop by our service center to get your car serviced and get answers to any questions you may have.

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