How to Clean Your Car Quickly

Did you know that car washes on average with detailing can take over an hour? That's a long time. When you want to get a 10-minute quick fix for your car, just do it like some of the pros. You can use a squeegee brush on the windshield of your car when you stop at the gas station, shake out the mats, and tidy up by removing trash.

If there's a vacuum nearby, you may want to use this to quickly get rid of any debris inside of the nooks and crannies of the vehicle. In addition, you can run a microfiber cloth with specialty vehicle cleaner over your vehicle's surface to ensure that it shines and looks its best.

These tips are best for the traveler on the go who doesn't have time to get a full detail, but if you do, you should maintain your car's cleanliness as much as possible. Check out LCM Used Car Center located in East Petersburg, PA.

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