Why Your Tire Sensor Is Illuminated

If you have realized that your tire pressure sensor has become illuminated in your vehicle then it is time to look into what the problem is and fix it in a timely manner. You don't want to be driving your vehicle around on damaged tires because this can not only permanently affect your tires but it can affect the wheels themselves and other parts of your vehicle like the suspension and shocks.

Commonly we have a lot of people come in and complain of their tire pressure sensor being on and all they need is some additional air in their tires. We have people who tell us they put air in their tires and the light didn't go off. This sometimes means they put in too much air. There could also be damage that has occurred to the wheels including running over something sharp that is now embedded in the tire.

If your tire pressure light is on and you need help determining why, stop our service center here at LCM Used Car Center.

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