We Will Find The Best Tires For You

Keep you and your passengers safe by making sure you have the correct tires for the season. Different tires handle certain conditions better due to their design.

All-season tires are great for average driving conditions. If you live where temperatures are mild without weather extremes, these are the tires for you.

If you live where temperatures fall below forty-five degrees, then you should buy winter tires. You will have more control driving in snow, ice and cold temperatures. Made with more rubber, these tires are more durable during cold temperatures. You should only use these tires during the winter months if that is the only time you experience "winter weather".

During the summer months or warmer locations, you should use summer tires. Summer tires are best in wet conditions with their ability to resist hydroplaning.

Provide your vehicle with the best tires for the weather you may encounter and stop in today at LCM Used Car Center. Our skilled automotive team can help you find the tires you need.
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