Adhere to Your State's Move Over Law in the Interest of Safety

Many people don't realize it, but technically there are laws on the books stating that drivers are required to move over when there is an incident on the side of the road. These are referred to as "move over" laws, and all 50 states have them in one form or another.

These laws cover all emergency response vehicles when they are tending to a situation on the side of the road. This includes law enforcement, fire department, paramedics, and tow truck drivers. Essentially, if you see flashing lights, you are required by law to move over.

Of course, there will be times when it is not safe to do so. And here at LCM Used Car Center in Petersburg we would never encourage anyone to put themselves in harm's way So, if you feel that it is not safe to make a lane change at the time then you certainly don't want to force it. In that instance, just simply slow down as you pass by and drive with care so that no further incidents occur.

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